Catholic Scripture Study Starts September 11, 2017

Catholic Scripture Study International

The Book of Isaiah Bible Study

St. Jerome likened the book of Isaiah as the gospel of the Old Testament because Isaiah prophesied more about the Messiah than any other book in the Old Testament. He also described in great detail the blessings of the future kingdom of the Messiah. His coming would be as a lion bringing the day of God’s wrath, but first He would come as a Savior who would die for the sins of the people. Isaiah focuses on the salvation that will come through the Messiah. Some examples include Isaiah, chapter 9, where we’re told that the Messiah will one day rule in justice and righteousness; the eleventh chapter states that during the reign of the Messiah there will be peace and safety for Israel and according to Isaiah 42:6 and 55:4, through the Messiah, Israel will be a beacon of light to all the nations. The Messiah’s kingdom on earth is the goal towards which all of the Book of Isaiah points.

Mondays from 7:00-8:30 pm beginning September 11, 2017 through April 23, 2018

Registration: Click here for a printable registration form. Please fill out the form and submit it with your payment to the parish office on or before AUGUST 18, 2017. The cost for materials is $65. Please make checks payable to St. Joseph Church. (Orders after August 18 must be placed personally at

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