Cookies for Kairos

Cookies for Kairos

“For I was hungry and you gave me food… in prison, and you visited me.”  Mt. 25: 35-36

Ever wonder how YOU could answer this request from Jesus? Well, here’s your chance to practice your acts of charity, as you support fellow parishioners who will bring the “Kairos Inside” retreat to the Menard maximum security prison in October. Eleven men from St. Joe’s are serving on the Kairos team, joining twenty six other men from many different Christian denominations across the region.

How Can You Help?

  • Pray for the success of the retreat… asking that the will of God will be accomplished for the Residents we will be serving; for the prison officers and staff; and for the Kairos Inside team. if you like, you can sign up for a slot on our Weekend Prayer Chain here:
  • Make Cookies… Home-made cookies are an important “Kairos Inside” tradition—tangible examples of the depth of God’s love, poured out by His family. To ensure a “bottomless bowl”, each team member is asked to provide 40 DOZEN cookies.  Due to prison requirements, cookies MUST be made according to a few simple guidelines (for example: no fruit, no nuts, no icing, no sprinkles.) Cookies should be about 3″ in size, packed in quart-sized Ziplock bags, one dozen per bag. Chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter, chocolate or oatmeal cookies are great – other varieties are welcome, too! Contact any team member for recipes and packaging guidelines, or for cookie pick-up/delivery. All cookies must be ready by Friday, October 20 for the Kairos Weekend.
  • Consider making a contribution…to help defray the cost of the ministry. (It costs about $6,500 to put on each Kairos Weekend inside the prison.) Your tax-deductible donation of any amount will help bring the light of Christ’s love into a very dark place. (Make checks payable to ‘Kairos­Menard’) Contact any team member to make your contributions.

Thank you…for all your prayers and support! The St. Joe Kairos Inside Team Members…

Steve Lucash, 314-740-1191
Gian Alleruzzo, 314-614-9365
Mike Cherre, 314-956-6638
Paul Kraus, 636-751-9341
Jim Muir, 636-579-1059
Wally Nowak, 314-562-6281
Andy Rachelski, 314-566-9338
John Sillery, 314-825-0961
Dave Smith, 314-629-8456
Mike Steinke, 314-614-7317
Joe Vilmain, 636-577-1278