Engaged Parish Team


The St. Joseph Parish Engaged Parish Team leads the process of growing a Christ-centered parish family which inspires all to use their strengths and become more engaged and spiritually committed.

Not familiar with the terms "engaged" and "spiritually committed" when talking about parishioners? Visit our FAQs Page to learn how Catholic parishes and other religious groups are using time-tested tools to dramatically increase members' participation, service to the community, giving, and even life satisfaction. Using an "engaged parish" approach, our team hopes to inspire the hearts, minds, and imaginations of our parishioners.

Here are the Key Responsibility Areas (KRAs) for our Team

  1. Provide leadership to create an Engaged Parish Team and to assure that identified strategies progress effectively as planned
  2. Define and communicate what it means for St. Joseph's to grow as an "Engaged Parish"
  3. Develop and deliver effective Engaged Parish strategies
  4. Measure growth of parishioner engagement and spiritual commitment
  5. Foster cooperation and collaboration among parish groups to promote a culture of parishioner engagement and spiritual commitment