This traditional Catholic organization has as its objective the personal sanctification of the members through devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary by means of the daily recitation of the rosary and other legion prayers and the performance of the following works:

  • Evangelization in the parish through home visitation to parishioners and to non-Catholic and non-Christians living in the parish in order to share with them, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truths of our Catholic faith.
  • Visits to the handicapped, the sick and the elderly residing in nursing homes and when necessary, make arrangements for a visit by a priest.
  • Instructions in the prayers of the rosary to interested adults and children living in and outside the parish.
  • Recitation of the rosary at wakes and funerals by request, and at certain times, in church and at the parish cemetery.
  • Distribution of the Pilgrim Statue of the Blessed Virgin to interested members of the parish. Currently there are seven such statues in circulation.
  • Enthronement of the Sacred Heart in parish family homes on request.
  • The dissemination of Catholic Literature in schools and in church.
  • The spreading of devotion to the exposition of, and the frequent reception of, the Blessed Sacrament.

Come, join us and be one of us!

Legion Activities:
Meetings: Thursdays, 9:30am in the Church basement
Rosary: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 8:00am in the Adoration Chapel
Rosary: Memorial Day and Labor Day after the 8:30am Mass at the Parish Cemetery

For further information, contact one of the following members:

Angela Pal, 636-256-0269
Bob Vondera, 636-527-8206
Mary Ann Fogarty, 636-227-0068