St. Vincent de Paul

We are the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a group of Catholic volunteers bringing hope, charity and true faith to those in need. We are committed to a spirit of service and outreach to those around us. We believe that this giving is filled with the power of God and makes real and visible the Love of God in our world. 

Some of the families we help receive assistance in the form of utility payments to avoid service disconnects.  Plus, we have contacts within the utility companies that can postpone or prevent imminent disconnection of service.  We also have procedures whereby disconnected service can be promptly reconnected.

We help with rent or mortgage payments to keep a place to live, make medical payments, assist with a tank of gasoline or car repairs to enable our neighbors to get to jobs—even deliver food for the table when you need it. We also provide tax and budgeting advice, meals at Thanksgiving, gifts for Christmas and have an outreach to area nursing homes.

If you are in need and seeking assistance through St. Vincent DePaul just click here.


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If you have any questions please give us a call at 636-779-5616.


God bless you.

The Vincentians of St. Joseph—Manchester