Parish Outreach

St. Joseph serves the community in many ways. All of our groups are always excited to have new people join them in their work. Please consider assiting them!

If you have any questions, you can also call the parish office: 636-227-5247.

Helping Hands
Helping Hands is a group of volunteers who provide a meal to parishioners who have a funeral at St Joseph. Volunteers prepare and serve dishes. Call Jeanne Becker 636-394-6511 if you are interested in being part of this program.

A Case for SMILES
A group that provides bright, fun and happy pillowcases for local hospitalized children who are suffering life threatening illnesses or diseases.  Each group member commits to making two or more pillowcases each month throughout the year and drops them off at the school or parish office each month.  We welcome those who cannot sew as they can give support in many ways!    We have seniors, young adults, teens…all ages participating!  Several times a year the members gather at the parish for a work party to work together and put out 70-100 pillowcases in one evening!  We are giving sick kids a reason to smile…one pillowcase at a time!  Want to help??  Contact Michelle Foster at 636-391-1404 or

Unseen Dinner Guest Program
Volunteers prepare single servings of soup or stew, or set aside individual portions from their family meal for an “unseen dinner guest”. Each meal is frozen, labeled, dated and stored at home. On the fourth Tuesday of each month, the meals are dropped off in the freezers in the old garage on the upper parking lot. The meals are then taken to a parish in the inner city, which distributes them to shut-ins, elderly, and needy in the neighborhood.

Giving Sunday
On the second Sunday of each month, before all Masses, items are collected in the Giving Sunday bins in the church courtyard for the St Augustine Wellston Center thrift shop and food pantry. St Joseph parishioners who wish to participate in the program may pick up a flyer from the Church lobby describing items to be collected on the particular Sunday.
Giving Sunday Drivers
Individuals or families volunteer to deliver the Giving Sunday items collected at St Joseph Parish to the St Augustine Wellston Center, 1705 Kienlen Ave. The items are loaded on Giving Sunday at 11:15 am from Feb-Nov and 1:15 pm from Dec-Jan. Any Questions, call Pat, 227-8704. This service takes about two hours to complete.

Sandwich Pool
Each Friday volunteers provide sandwiches, fruit, and other necessities for the homeless and needy. These donations are dropped off in the refrigerators in the old garage on the upper parking lot and then taken to inner-city churches and care facilities for distribution to the poor. For more information on this year-round service, contact Bob Diekemper, 636/391-7614.
Sts. Peter & Paul Soup Kitchen
On the third Wednesday of each month, volunteers go to Sts. Peter & Paul Soup Kitchen (in the Soulard area) to prepare, serve, and clean up after the meal. The volunteers leave St Joseph Parish at 2:15 p.m. and return by 7:00 p.m. Other volunteers bake desserts at home, to be served with the meal. These baked goods should be dropped off at the parish office by 2:00 p.m.

Sharing Pantry
In Conjunction with the St Vincent de Paul work, St Joseph Parish has a food pantry that provide temporary help with groceries when a parishioner is experiencing financial difficulty. Fore more information call the parish office.

St Augustine Wellston Center Outreach

  • Food pantry workers
    • Volunteers work at St Augustine Center preparing food and other supplies, which will be distributed through their food pantry program.
  • Thrift Shop Volunteers
    • Volunteers work on site at the Wellston Center setting up household and clothing items to be sold in the thrift shop.
  • Drivers
    • Volunteers help St Augustine Wellston Center by picking up donated food and other supplies from designated points in the metropolitan area for use in the pantry program.