About StrengthsFinder Coaching

St. Joseph Parish offers StrengthsFinder Coaching in support of
its Engaged Parish initiative. Using the Gallup Organization’s online assessment tool, StrengthsFinder, parishioners can help discover their top five Signature Themes – their strengths that make them so unique and valuable in their family life, work life, and parish life.  

How to Start the StrengthsFinder Coaching Process

  • Purchase a copy of the book, Living Your Strengths: Discover Your God-Given Talents and Inspire Your Community (Catholic Edition) from the Parish Office.  $25.00. 
  • Complete the online assessment and view your results. The book includes a one-time-use code which allows you to complete the online
  • Enroll in one of the Group Coaching workshop. These workshops are offered throughout the year and are listed in the Parish Bulletin. There is no cost to participate in the workshops.  Contact us at to enroll.
  • Attend the Group Coaching workshop and begin living your strengths!


Strengths Discovery and Action Planning Guide:

Once they have completed an online assessment, parishioners can print out a comprehensive Strengths Discovery and Action-Planning Guide that is based on their StrengthsFinder results. The Strengths Discovery and Action Planning Guide includes:

  • A top five theme report, built around Strengths Insight descriptions
  • 50 Ideas for Action (10 for each of your top five themes) based on thousands of best-practice suggestions
  • A Strengths Discovery Activity that helps parishioners think about how their talents, investment, experience, skills, and knowledge work together to build strengths
  • A Strength-Based Action Plan for setting specific goals for building and applying strengths in the next week, month, and year


Strengths Coaching – Putting Thought into Action!

St. Joseph sponsors group coaching workshops to help put thoughts into action and help parishioners build their strengths.

Particular attention is paid to helping parishioners learn to use their strengths to grow in engagement and spiritual development through prayer and reflection, and to help parishi
oners identify how they can best use their strengths to respond to their Baptismal calling to help build God’s Kingdom.

Strengths Coaching, is a seven-week course, helping you apply your top strengths the way God intended. Group coaching workshops afford parishioners the opportunity to meet with trained coaches in a small-group setting to discuss their assessment results and to discuss how they might build those strengths individually and in groups.  These workshops are limited to 14 participants.

Contact us at for further information or for dates of the next workshop.