From the Pastor…

The peace of Christ be with you…and welcome!

As a Christ-centered Catholic parish, St. Joseph in Manchester offers a strong sacramental life, and a deeply Catholic spirituality. We are committed to growing in our faith, and to a spirit of service and outreach to those around us, especially those in need—whether spiritually or materially.

Although our parish family is a large one, each and every parishioner is valued as an integral part of the Body of Christ. Perhaps you have already experienced that gift for yourself. But if not, we invite you to “come and see.” Join us for Mass on Sunday, or any day of the week. And when you do visit, introduce yourself to one of the priests or deacons.

Please take some time to explore the website, too. It’s a great way to discover more about the living spirit of this parish…to learn about the many ministries and connection points St. Joe offers…and to consider how you might want to get more deeply engaged in parish life.

As we prepare to celebrate the parish’s 150th anniversary, we give praise and thanks for many generations of Catholics who have called St. Joe’s “home” since 1865. We are excited, too, about the opportunity to continue sharing the light of Christ in this community for generations to come.

All are welcome here, to encounter Christ…and to become a part of the blessing we bring to those around us!

In Christ,
Rev. Thomas Santen